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Finnegan Haulage Haulier Carlisle offers a reliable, professional and cost-saving same-day haulage solution for your business. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles ranging from Small Vans through to Articulated Lorries. Discover what vehicle might be right for you at our recommended vehicle page.

At Finnegan Haulage, we specialise in irregular freight, time-sensitive and fragile loads. No matter what you need transporting, we will be able to sort it for you quickly and efficiently. From small parcels and pallets to heavy and awkward loads, we will transport nationwide from any location in Carlisle or surrounding areas.

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We have a number of Haulage services including:

Nationwide Deliveries Carlisle
Same Day haulage Carlisle
Irregular Loads Carlisle
Heavy and large parcel delivery Carlisle
Goods Collected within an hour Carlisle
Pallet Delivery Carlisle

Wherever you are in Carlisle and the surrounding area Finnegan Haulage can if required be with you within an hour of booking your job, we will deliver your goods faster than anyone around.

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Areas covered by Finnegan Haulage Carlisle

Wherever you are in Carlisle and the surrounding area’s Finnegan Haulage can if required be with you within an hour of booking your job, we will deliver your goods faster than anyone around.

We have courier transport available to suit your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the Carlisle area including Kingstown, Lowry Hill,  Moorville, Stanwix, Edentown, Etterby, St Ann’s Hill,  Denton Holme and Caldewgate , Botchergate, st Nicholas, Upperby, Currock, Belah and Harraby

FOR COURIER AND HAULAGE FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Cambridge CALL 01223 967 118 and one of our professional team members will send a vehicle to collect your shipment promptly

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All goods are covered by goods in transit insurance by the affiliated haulier / courier moving your goods, additional insurance would need to be negotiated and confirmed upon booking


We offer bespoke logistics and track your goods for you. We also have direct contact with the drivers and can let you know where your load is at any point. You can always call us for an update of your load and we can give you an accurate update and live Proof Of Delivery (name and time of goods delivered).


One of our key skills is getting your goods picked up and delivered as soon as logistically possible. The exact time end to end will depend on the load destination and traffic conditions. We aim for a within the hour collections and track your load until your goods arrive at its destination. We will then send you an email confirmation of the time the goods arrived and who signed for them.



In today’s industry, the 24-hour cycle is always a go. With the demand for manufacturing, products, and the consumer, this cycle requires 24-hour logistics solutions. We are at the forefront of providing a service second to none in this area, with a specialised team of transport coordinators handling these haulage consignments outside of your daily working hours. We aim to revolutionise the logistics industry, by providing this 24/7 service.


In today’s logistics industry, hauliers and couriers deliver goods across the UK and Europe. We provide the missing link to potential empty vehicles. This gives us low-cost transport solutions, enabling us to tender your consignment. Hauliers and couriers bid for your consignment through our unique platform, removing the normal call-to-load price regimes. With a database of 15,000 hauliers and couriers and 40,000 vehicles at our disposal, we are sure to find the lowest costs specific to your requirements.


Our team of dedicated transport coordinators liaise with over 15,000 hauliers and couriers nationwide to find vehicles local to your consignment. Let us know your requirements and we will find you a solution, it’s that easy. We manage it all, taking care of all the logistics, and leaving you time for all your other tasks throughout the day


1. Call one of our UK coordinators closest to you or your point of collection

2. Let the highly trained member of Finnegan Haulage know your needs

3. Sit back and let us do the work, we will inform you promptly of the best possible solution and price.

4. Confirm your booking with us and await updates on your consignment


There are many different types of haulage in the transportation industry. Some are more common than others, but they are critical to businesses requiring moving items. Here's a quick rundown of the various modes of transportation:

Many industries use general haulage to transport a large number of goods. Depending on the amount of cargo to be moved, general haulage companies can provide a single vehicle or an entire fleet. General haulage is widely used in retail, healthcare, agriculture, building supplies, and other industries.

Heavy Haulage

Heavy haulage is used to safely transport larger or heavier loads. Heavy haulage is classified into levels based on weight restrictions, which affect the vehicle's speed limit. As an alternative to multiple smaller vehicle loads, heavy haulage is sometimes used to save money.

Plant Haulage

Plant haulage is the transportation of plant machinery. Specialized vehicles are outfitted with the necessary safety precautions, such as winches, to safely transport heavy machinery and vehicles. Plant haulage can be used to move machinery such as cranes, excavators, and dumper trucks.

Hazardous Haulage

Hazardous haulage is used to transport hazardous materials such as gas, chemicals, explosives, or fertiliser. Companies must have the legal authority to ship dangerous goods, and employees must be trained to handle hazardous materials. Vehicles must also be modified to transport dangerous goods.

Vehicle Haulage

Vehicle haulage - the careful transport of vehicles from one location to another, typically from a manufacturer to a sales showroom.

Parcel delivery haulage

Parcel delivery haulage is used to transport large quantities of parcels and packages. Parcel delivery haulage is critical for next-day or express delivery services, as well as for large international corporations like Amazon.

Refrigerated Haulage

Refrigerated haulage is a method of transporting shipments using specially designed temperature-controlled trucks. The transporting trucks have an in-built refrigeration system that keeps the loads cool at a constant temperature throughout the shipping process.

Fragile Load Haulage

Fragile load haulage is used to transport goods that are delicate or breakable. Fragile load haulage transports glass, screens, trees, and other expensive, perishable items. Companies will have professional equipment and fully trained employees to ensure the cargo's safety.

Abnormal Load Haulage

Abnormal load haulage, also known as irregular freight, refers to large loads that are not considered heavy, plant, vehicle, or waste disposal haulage. A bridge section, wind turbine, or crane could all be moved by abnormal load haulage. These businesses will have the necessary equipment and training to transport these items.

Waste Haulage

Waste haulage - used to dispose of waste and recyclable materials in accordance with the European Waste Code. Solid and liquid waste can be removed by waste disposal haulage companies.


We accept BACS faster payments or open an account for a 30 day from invoice BACS payment. We also accept all major credit and debit cards via online payment.